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Chemical substances are those which on intake in any form bring about changes in mood, mind and behaviors of the users. Abusing any of these chemicals can cause ill-health affecting the well-being of the body, mind, emotion, spirit (values) and relationships with concerned individuals, family and society. Drug abuse or addiction is the intense craving for and loss of control over alcohol or drug. However, it is an illness and that is treatable.

We treat :

  • Alcohol
  • Marijuana (ganja, bhang, charas and hashish)
  • Opium (chandu) and its derivatives such as heroin (brown Sugar / smack)
  • Morphine, Pethidine ,Tidigesic, Fortwin etc
  • LSD, Mescaline, Cocaine, Amphetamine (speed), Barbiturates, Tranquillizers etc.
  • Any medication prescribed by a doctor, if it is abused.

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Other Services

  • Heightening community awareness as to the nature and extent of chemical dependency and its related problems.
  • Providing family intervention help.
  • Promoting the concept that chemical dependency is responsive to appropriate treatments and there is a wide array of medical, psychological and social services as well as self-help groups available to chemically dependent persons and their families. We also provide education and referral services.
  • Ensuring that proper intensity of intervention and continuation of care is maintained for those persons who become patients of SRINIDHI Rehabilitation center. On going therapy and numerous self-help meetings are also conducted at our centre.