Other Services

Srinidhi conventional Rehab Centre is a economical rehabilitation centre spread over an area of 5000 sq ft located in Mysuru. Srinidhi was incepted with the mission to provide the rehabilitation for the economical middle and lower class of the society. Srinidhi provide patients with all necessary well maintained amenities.


SRINIDHI provides three types of accommodation.

  • General accommodation
  • Semi private accommodation (Comming soon)
  • Private accommodation (Comming soon)


We place the safety and privacy of our patient community above all else. Srinidhi luxury offers round the clock security and allows patients to heal in a conventional, supportive and sensitive environment. We understand the critically important role that trust plays in the recovery process, and firmly believe that patients heal better when they are completely at ease in their treatment program comfortable, conventional living environment facility.

  • Well maintained toilets and bathrooms
  • Food cooked in hygiene conditions
  • emergency medical nursing rooms and doctors

We make every effort to accommodate all reasonable requests, and are here to keep patients happy, healthy and focused on recovery.